There’s no doubt about it, getting the best fish oil is no easy task when you are not sure what to look for. With so many to choose from, it is easy to become confused but this article will show you exactly what you need to know to ensure you get the very best fish oil available.

The main factors to look for are purity, omega 3 levels and freshness. Many companies are jumping on the increasingly popular fish oil bandwagon to make a quick buck, but offer very poor products often containing traces of toxins from the fish.

To avoid these, look for molecularly distilled oil. This important process separates out the oil from the toxins like mercury and lead, leaving it safe and pure. In fact the oil I use from New Zealand is put through a further process to leave it even purer and more concentrated in the valuable omega 3 fats.

These omega 3 fats are what gives fish oil its many health benefits, especially its powerful anti-inflammatory ones. The main fat responsible for this is called DHA, and this should be present in high amounts in your supplement.

You will find that most contain very little DHA fats as they are harder to source and more expensive to use. Most companies still opt for the less effective EPA fats to increase profits but to the detriment of your health.

Look for at least 270mg of DHA in each 1000mg soft gel in the best fish oil for the maximum health benefits. Check the label to see the individual DHA/EPA amounts and if they are not there or combined, avoid the oil as it will offer little benefits.

I get mine online as they are delivered to my door free of charge and the website has a lot of information about the oils and health in general. You simply can’t get this level of information or service from your local store which tends to stock very average products too.

Use these tips and you will be able to select the best fish oil possible to help you live a longer and much healthier life.

Discover the pure DHA fish oil supplements I personally take and experience the maximum benefits.

To your good health,