Only molecularly distilled fish oil can give you the highest purity levels available and keep you safe from the ever-increasing amount of contaminants that fish today carry. Find out more about molecularly distilled fish oil and how to find the very best supplements.

It is quite shocking that many companies put profits before your health and avoid this process altogether! The reason is it is time consuming and is expensive too. In order to increase profits, many companies make wild claims about their oil and do not purify it.

Molecularly distilled fish oil is basically oil that has been through a purifying process that separates out the toxins like arsenic, mercury and PBCs from the oil. It also leaves the fish in its most natural form if done correctly and actually increases the amount of DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids.

The company I use then puts their oil through another proprietary purifying process to gain the highest levels of purity available, with no detectable levels of toxins and the highest DHA omega 3 levels.

DHA fats are so important because they are responsible for most of the health benefits and most oils contain very little. They tend to use more EPA fats which are proven to be far less important but which are cheaper to use (back to profits again).

You should look to get at least 270mg of DHA in each 1000mg capsule for the maximum benefits with about half that amount of EPA.

The best molecularly distilled fish oil has over twice the anti-inflammatory qualities of other oils and uses a blend of New Zealand Hoki and South Pacific tuna. These are very high in the DHA fats and the hoki comes from the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean and is remarkably pure.

Some of the health benefits include prevention of heart disease, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, much improved brain health and mental well-being, younger looking skin and recent studies also show how these oils can help you to prevent breast, colon and prostate cancer too.

The company’s website should provide lots of information and preferably a CoA or Certificate of Analysis to show the contaminants tested for, the levels of DHA/EPA and the batch the fish came from for full traceability from boat to bottle.

Now you know more about why only molecularly distilled fish oil will do and how to find the best oils, you can soon look forward to enjoying better health now and avoiding many diseases later in life too.

Discover the pure DHA fish oil supplements I personally take and experience the maximum health benefits.

To your good health,